So there it was #FYB_12_ANI

Mircea Scarlatescu blog

And there that was #FYB_12_ANI or 12 years of FYB. @FYB we’ve made a habit as a team of going out each month or more and of course having a yearly retreats into a special location and go into full team-building mode. Not necessarily the corporate way of doing things, but a much more friendly and cozy approach of getting to know each other (new colleagues vs old ones, FYB founders and so on), tighten the ties between us and making sure we forget about the daily issues we have with projects and the way we code…
This year it was the time for Cheile Gradistei – Fundata Resort to go to and have a very good week-end. Quality time, good food, a great camp fire and of course some palinca 🙂 and also a festive dinner to have a good end to a 3 days journey.
So, 12 years and counting celebrated with a nice outing and the promise of a greater party next year and bigger and better project to come along during this and #FYB_13_ANI 🙂
Our many thanks to our hosts, our “official” wine provider (even though not planned….:D), Aurelia Visinescu Wines and of course a big Like to our team for being as good as they are!!
See you in 2016!