Delivering Happiness


Not just software,
simply delivering happiness

PHP. ASP. HTML5 vs HTML4. MySQL. Apache. It should not be your problem. If a web agency tells you that it’s your problem with the kind of technology you use, you should walk away from it. A web agency should only deliver good products that, in the end, deliver you happiness.

It’s not only about technology. It’s mainly about the results.
It’s not about the budgets spent. It’s about the revenue those budgets bring back.
It’s all about how the Internet and the tools it brings make sense to you, not how you can make sense of the tools.
It’s about simplicity. It’s about the journey, not just about the destination. It’s about happiness.

Happiness? Yes, happiness!

—   What is Happiness?

Happiness is when the products you use to sell your services deliver you the exact desired result and beyond, providing you with direct benefits, benefits you would not get otherwise. For example, if an online store helps you double your sales in one year, that’s happiness. If a presentation site enables you to land the most important client, that’s happiness. If the mobile app you’ve just launched makes your business viral, that’s happiness for you!

Happiness is not being worried your site will hold to a peak of traffic but making sure you have the correct configuration to scale up quickly and seamlessly; it’s cloud solutions that make sense!

Happiness is getting the right results from a social media campaign, not just some spending reports, and translating them into future business and happier clients and potential new business partners or providers!

FYB Romania

Happy clients, happy us

@FYB, we strive to provide happiness instead of cold-number-IT solutions. We ask why you need us, not how much you need us. We ask you what would make you happier in your business, not how much you are willing to spend on a website. We ask you how our services can improve your business.

We “FitYourBusiness” to the market by creating happiness tools, not just IT tools, and there’s more to it: by being happy clients, you provide happiness to us! We have happy management teams, happy programmers, and in the end, the ability to make other clients happier.

Existing happy clients? Sure!

See the happiness we've produced for some of our clients.
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