Why we don’t do 500EUR sites?

Mircea Scarlatescu blog

You’re not in online business if you’ve never received a request for quote (RFQ) with a “simple site that I have 500EUR for”. Happens on freelance sites, happens on emails, phone calls, happens in meetings

Well, at FYB Romania the answer is quite simple: sorry, no, we don’t do 500EUR sites.
For a variety of reasons, some of witch I am happy to discuss here:

  • No site is worth just 500EUR. From simple design sites with a clear call to action, any site needs to have proper development, implementation and testing with simply cannot consume a 500EUR budget.
  • No online presence media budget can add up to just 500EUR. If your business cannot “produce” more than 500EUR to penetrate a world-wide market to sell your product or service than your doing something wrong, for sure; if your personal branding is not worth more than 500EUR to invest in…. then you should not be online, stick to off-line branding
  • No efficient client communication and project management can fit a 500EUR budget, no matter how tight the budget restrains would be

Of course, there are many digital agencies online promising you that a 500EUR is all what you need to be a successful online presence. Well… ask them first how much they’ve invested in their website. You might be surprised and/or disappointed.

In the end, agreeing to a 500EUR budget for a website would translate to a waste of your money and our resources, with no other result than frustration on our part and disappointment on yours.

So, the next time you want a site done, don’t take the cheap way, take the efficient and results-driven way even if that means you’ll need a little more budget.
It’ll make the whole difference for you and your business in an era where online way is far from a “must”, it’s the only way.

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