FYB Founders

FYB Romania’s story begins in 2003 when 4 IT geeks met and started a small web agency in Bucharest Romania.
Over 17 years later…. here they are, growing strong together.
They are the FYB founders, they dream the dreams, provide the motivation for the team and deliver you the happiness you deserve

Mircea Scarlatescu, online entrepreneur, online enthusiast, blogger, amateur photographer, IT geek and a passionate advocate of the “live your own life” slogan.
Believes in the 15 years of work for overnight success 🙂 and a strong believer that social media has changed our life forever. Tennis enthusiast and F1 admirer. Get in touch with him via LinkedIn

Iulia Scarlatescu, computer science major, became intoxicated with the idea of paving your own way and responded present when the FYB idea first came around.
You can find her online on LinkedIn and other social media networks as well as within most of our important projects the past 12 years…

Alex Baciu, great programming skills and experience to kill for, that’s the least you can say about him.
Strong project management abilities and team leading expertise make him a great choice when it comes to getting your projects up and running in no time. Get in touch via LinkedIn.

Tudor Panturu, no stranger to IT & computers since the teenage years.
Rock fan and good food enthusiast, Tudor is one top project manager you really want to work with to implement your solutions…..get in touch with him on LinkedIn.


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