We are always looking for new talent. We are all young, fun, IT-geeks people, so if you fit into this profile and have the proper knowledge, we’re perfect for you. Don’t get here and expect a corporate environment (here’s proof of that!) but rather a relaxed yet challenging workplace with fun projects, friendly colleagues, and cool bosses.

You’ll be working on Romanian and international projects with cool brands from the US, Canada & Europe and exciting internal projects (eCommerce development services, Symfony, PHP, front-end, and more). You’ll have access to learning resources and personal improvement courses. Most of all, you’ll be a part of a great team.

Check out the available jobs we have at this point:

Symfony PHP developer

Like creating great backend systems? So do we, so we are big fans of the Symfony framework, and we use it to develop efficient and complex systems. So why not join us?

Magento PHP Programmer

Enjoy eCommerce and Magento? So do we. You will work together on exciting eCommerce solutions for various clients worldwide and create happiness for all of them!

Let's meet at FYB Romania

—   Located near the Muncii Metro Station and Delea Veche Street

FYB Romania is easy to get to work to. With a maximum 45 minutes commute by public transport in Bucharest to our office, it’s easy to get to work and then home.

Our office has a kitchen (here are some pics of our HQ), and you can find restaurants nearby.

As an FYB team member, you get private medical insurance, monthly team-outings, and team buildings.

Most of all, you get the chance to work within a web agency that allows you to grow, not a corporation where you get lost in 1-2 years.