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You already know Magento is the leading eCommerce platform solution in the world, with all current market share studies placing Magento as above 25% market share or better, it proves to be a very versatile solution for having a solid back-end for product and stock management, advertising tools, order flow management modules, and much more.

You also know that Magento's versatility implies risks if you don't have the right team besides you. Risks like scalability, performance, overall development and maintenance costs, as well as development time are all understandable fears some entrepreneurs and product owners have had in the past when first talking to us.

Rest assured, with us, you're in good hands. 20 Years of experience in web development and Magento development since 2008 means you can expect top-notch quality, timely delivery, and cost-effective solutions.









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—   Your cost-effective, timely, and reliable development team

Your time is limited; whether you're an eCommerce startup entrepreneur or an experienced product owner, your day still has just 24 hours, and you have so many things to do. Taking care of a full eCommerce platform development is not something you should micromanage or even make you lose sleep time!

The good news is you don't have to; we will be your partners. From the early stages of planning, setting up the development environment and giving you access to project management tools if you need them, to handling all technical aspects of development followed by maintenance, scalability, to performance optimization, ensuring a smooth, seamless, and efficient online store operation.

This means you can dedicate more time to strategic planning, fostering customer relationships, exploring new market opportunities, and other aspects that fuel the growth of your business.

Your questions and concerns, addressed

How do we handle communicate with you, with the product owners, and the business board?
We prioritize clear, open, and timely communication with you. We employ a variety of tools, from open-cam video conferencing to cloud-based project management software, allowing us to keep you in the loop every step of the way. All of our project managers speak fluent English, and all team members speak and understand English. All team members are located in Europe. (Romania, Moldova, Spain, Italy).
How do we establish a relationship with you?
We work on a contract basis. We provide estimations, we stand by those estimations, and we offer contracts that allow flexible payment plans adapted to the development timelines. We encourage the team to get to know the clients, and we try to meet in person with our clients when possible, as frequently as possible. We believe in physical meetings, not just remote team collaborations.
How do we provide quality assurance?
We use both automated and manual testing procedures for our under-development projects and also use tools to monitor existing projects that we maintain; when necessary, we provide updates for the tech stack and hotfixes for bugs and new threats. We apply best practice development techniques as a standard.
How do we handle financial risks?
We use only certified payment methods covered by NDAs and contract agreements. Our company is 20 years on the market; we don't use ghost companies or non-disclosed offshored financial entities. We are subject to EU and national regulations, all compliant with best practices worldwide.
Do we use Agile methodology on our projects?
Yes, we do. Agile methodology is not just a buzzword to us; it allows us to iteratively plan and guide project development, enabling us to adapt to changes quickly and deliver tailored solutions that align perfectly with your business needs. By doing this, you'll not waste time and budget; we'll get the correct guidance from your business and together achieve the results everybody needs.

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Daniel Sliwin

Athleticknit Canada

The team has the ability to do what the customer imagines at a reasonable cost. Pushed us to go live sooner on certain tasks vs trying to get to the final product, but this is more my fault. The other one is the same for customers/ systems we have worked with, but make sure to set the same priorities constantly as we get too excited about new projects as a project management team (read full review)

Nubis Limited


FYB Romania is one of the very few we are still working with because we are happy with them FYB is our long term partner for offshore software development. They always provide help in all kinds of projects, such as ecommerce website development and support and also in creating new kinds of community portals, complex server setup and support. No project seems to be too big for them. (read full review)

Dan Coanda

Bro Rom

They are very accurate, reliable, and helpful in sorting out and finding great solutions. We had various platforms for our webshops, first we migrate one of them on Magento 1 and then we agreed to migrate all of them on Magento multistore. a lot of work &meetings but all went well, we had to learn a lot also :) (read full review)

What's your advantage?

—   How can you benefit from our expertise?

It all starts with a free consultancy call where you get a free analysis of your online business. We get to know you and what you do; you get to tell us what you want more out of your store.

If your site is already live, the outcome of this call is that you'll receive a free-of-charge audit of your website from many angles: UI/UX, speed and optimization for desktop / mobile usage, known vulnerabilities you should fix immediately, and nice to haves like internal search speed improvements.

If you're starting up, then you'll get an idea about what you should do, how, and in what order. And we'll offer you the choice to take the fast track and work together.

By doing this, you'll not waste time and budget; you'll get the correct guidance based on our experience, and together we'll achieve the results you need.

Who you'll be talking to?

Mircea Scarlatescu

Manager, FYB Romania

Looking forward to get to know you and see how we can help you grow

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