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Your Magento website should be your best sales agent, no matter what and whom you sell. This means it needs to be fast, optimized, and a good team player.

And, as any good team player should, it must rely on and provide for his team peers. For a website, this means it needs to be well connected to the rest of the business systems and seamlessly integrated into the business flows the management needs and relies upon.

As a versatile platform, Magento has multiple integration solutions for various external systems, from internal ones like ERPs and CRMs to external SaaS services like fulfillment solutions, accounting systems, AI engines, and external business intelligence solutions.









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Gain time, reduce errors, and better focus on what matters

—   Automating processes and data transfer procedures saves you time and nerves

Any entrepreneur will tell you a website that starts selling means a lot of processes and data to manage. From invoices to transport papers and client data, all need to be stored in various systems, used for various purposes, and also updated, deleted, and kept secure.

Doing this manually works in the beginning, but as time passes and the workload increases, it becomes quite an issue, generating errors, stress, and most importantly taking too much time.

And time is the only thing you cannot make more of... and more importantly, the time you spend on administrative tasks like these consumes the time you should spend on growing your business.

Let's solve this!

How can I gain this time? Where do I start?

What do you have to do first?
It all starts with a free consultancy call where we start to outline a map of the existing processes and how Magento and other systems can be connected to save you time. The outcome is a plan of automated processes that run data from and into the Magento deployment securely and as much in real-time as it needs to. This way, data to and from EPRs, CRMs, fulfillment systems, and other SaaS can be transferred without delay and errors.
Is it expensive?
After the call, the next move is in your hands: you can either take this list and implement it on your own, OR you can choose the fast lane and collaborate with us to establish a plan for resolving matters together. We will tailor this to fit your budget, current requirements, and future aspirations. Our diverse range of packages caters to different types of businesses and budgets. Once we have a better understanding of your needs, we will take appropriate action.
What do I get in return?
To put things simple, time! Your time, your employees' time, you all get the chance to do more important things rather than just copying data from one place to another and really get the opportunity to use this data in systems that grow your business, not just manage it

We already work with them

...and this is what they think of us

Daniel Sliwin

Athleticknit Canada

The team has the ability to do what the customer imagines at a reasonable cost. Pushed us to go live sooner on certain tasks vs trying to get to the final product, but this is more my fault. The other one is the same for customers/ systems we have worked with, but make sure to set the same priorities constantly as we get too excited about new projects as a project management team (read full review)

Nubis Limited


FYB Romania is one of the very few we are still working with because we are happy with them FYB is our long term partner for offshore software development. They always provide help in all kinds of projects, such as ecommerce website development and support and also in creating new kinds of community portals, complex server setup and support. No project seems to be too big for them. (read full review)

Dan Coanda

Bro Rom

They are very accurate, reliable, and helpful in sorting out and finding great solutions. We had various platforms for our webshops, first we migrate one of them on Magento 1 and then we agreed to migrate all of them on Magento multistore. a lot of work &meetings but all went well, we had to learn a lot also :) (read full review)

Why should you talk to us?

—   Why are you different?

You might say, "Why would I do this? My business is just fine, and I love working 14 hours a day anyway!" and you might even be right for now.

But when you decide you've had enough and you want better, we are here to help you achieve this and step up to the next level. Our experience of 20 years in IT makes us a reliable and valuable partner, so you'll be in good hands.

In either of the above scenarios... a call with us will be a very good idea so.. dive in!

Ultimately, based on our extensive experience conducting numerous consultancy interviews, engaging in a conversation with us can result in three favorable outcomes for you:

Scenario 1, where you think the information we provide is useful ... (more)
... but feel that our proposed end-game solution is not the right approach at the moment, don't worry. You will still receive the audit free of charge, and we will also provide you with our contact information and a dedicated channel for future communication when you need it.
Scenario 2, we will provide you with information that may not be new ... (more)
... but will simply serve to validate that you are on the right track with your current setup. It's an excellent exercise that requires only one hour of your time and incurs no additional costs.
Scenario 3 offers you the opportunity to effortlessly enhance the tech maintenance ... (more)
...while reducing stress in your life. By taking the fast lane, you'll not only gain a reliable partner but also enjoy more free time, avoid burnout, and gain the confidence to take your entrepreneurial endeavor to the next level. And all of this can be achieved with just a simple call to get to know each other.

Who you'll be talking to?

Mircea Scarlatescu

Manager, FYB Romania

Looking forward to get to know you and see how we can help you grow

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