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Improving your Magento store should not lead to work burnout! And it should not cost you a fortune to have it done!

You know firsthand how challenging the current online world is and how difficult it can prove to grow your business in it; but since you already know and use Magento, you understand the importance of the tech stack behind a store.

You also know Magento allows you to do virtually anything and implement spectacular online stores, assuming you use it right and give it enough attention.

However, many times, this flexibility comes with a cost: if you don't take advantage of it... it can actually slow you down and create bottlenecks at every turn, causing you to miss out on opportunities and hinder your growth significantly.

But here's the thing: you shouldn't have to dive into the intricacies of technology or be responsible for identifying necessary updates in a specific order. It's not your job to find solutions for security gaps. You shouldn't sacrifice sleep or risk burnout over it.









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Here's how your problem becomes a solution

—   Less stress, less time lost, more time to grow your business

We've been in the same position, not only as store owners but also together with our clients as product owners or development teams.

We've been through the pain of having a vast platform that is underutilized and burdened with unnecessary features. On the other hand, we have also dealt with stores that had good conversion rates but struggled with slow load times, unreliable search functionality, and low customer satisfaction due to bugs and mishaps. As a result, we lost potential new shoppers due to these issues.

We've been doing this for 20 years in total for eCommerce clients and more than eight years on the Magento platform (starting from early 1.x versions to the new 2.x versions, single or multistore solutions)

We've understood there's a way to systemize a solution to overcome this and establish a system to help you overcome all these challenges and as a result give you more time to focus on what matters: growing your business, finding new niches, and reaching new customers.

We've called this Proactive Magento maintenance, and you can take advantage of it also.

How does it work, actually?

What do you have to do first?
It all starts with a free consultancy call where you get a free analysis of your online store. We get to know you and what you do, you get to tell us what you want more out of your store. The outcome of this call is that you'll receive a free of charge audit of your website from many angles: UI/UX, Speed and optimization for desktop / mobile usage, known vulnerabilities you should fix immediately and nice to haves like internal search speed improvements. All this will be delivered in a PDF format after the call and will outline your path to improving your site, no strings attached
Is it expensive?
Next step after the call will be entirely on your end: either you take this list and implement it yourself OR take the fast lane and work with us, and together we establish a plan to solve things. This will be adapted to your budget, current needs, and future plans. We have different packages for various types of businesses and budgets, so once we get to know each other and see what the needs are, we'll act accordingly.
What do I get in return?
Each month, we will offer you a list of MUST-HAVES to implement quickly and then ideas to make you better and grow so that you have time to focus on the most important parts of your business that are not tech-related. This way you can escape the micromanagement trap and burnout symptoms you might experience and gain free time and less stress. Automated tools and regular manual tests will allow us to quickly identify existing or potential problems and report them to you promptly so you'll make informed decisions on time, with less stress and worries. In all, you get not just a maintained Magento platform but an IT partner to help you achieve your goals without the stress of taking care of things alone and with no support.

We already work with them

...and this is what they think of us

Daniel Sliwin

Athleticknit Canada

The team has the ability to do what the customer imagines at a reasonable cost. Pushed us to go live sooner on certain tasks vs trying to get to the final product, but this is more my fault. The other one is the same for customers/ systems we have worked with, but make sure to set the same priorities constantly as we get too excited about new projects as a project management team (read full review)

Nubis Limited


FYB Romania is one of the very few we are still working with because we are happy with them FYB is our long term partner for offshore software development. They always provide help in all kinds of projects, such as ecommerce website development and support and also in creating new kinds of community portals, complex server setup and support. No project seems to be too big for them. (read full review)

Dan Coanda

Bro Rom

They are very accurate, reliable, and helpful in sorting out and finding great solutions. We had various platforms for our webshops, first we migrate one of them on Magento 1 and then we agreed to migrate all of them on Magento multistore. a lot of work &meetings but all went well, we had to learn a lot also :) (read full review)

Why should you talk to us?

—   Why are you different?

You might say, "Why would I do this? My business is just fine, and I love working 14 hours a day anyway!" and you might even be right for now.

But yet again... imagine how your website would look if it were 25% faster or if your conversion rate would increase by 3% because users find your products faster or more efficiently. Or if your cart value would increase because of well indexed upselling campaigns in your cart and on your product pages.

Or, worst case scenario, imagine what would happen if you lose your uptime for some hours because of a but or a brute force attack on your platform just because it was not updated in time and you're tech team is just not there for you. Or if you did not have a well setup backup system and you'd have a serious security breach that would cause loss of data....

In the end, from our experience with a long list of consultancy interviews, the outcome of a call with us can lead to 3 things, all in your favor:

Scenario 1, where you think the information we provide is useful ... (more)
...but the end-game proposal we'll have is not the way to go for now. That's all well; you'll still get the audit free of charge, and you'll also have our contacts and a fast lane to get to us when you will need it.
Scenario 2, where the information we'll provide you is nothing new... (more)
You'll simply validate that you're on the right track with the current setup you have. It's a very good exercise for you and costs nothing more than one hour of your time.
Scenario 3 is where you take the fast lane... (more)
You get better tech maintenance of your store and less stress in your life. You'll gain a new partner, more free time, no burnout, and more confidence in your next steps to develop your entrepreneurial endeavor. And this, just with a call to get to know each other...

Who you'll be talking to?

Mircea Scarlatescu

Manager, FYB Romania

Looking forward to get to know you and see how we can help you grow

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