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You've already set up your Magento site, and you know how versatile and performant it is. The solid framework and all the customization options offer you the entire range of tools to scale up and grow your business.

But you also know that any online business thrives on optimization details. From the hosting solution to be adapted to spikes of traffic all the way to the better user interface that gives you higher client retention, all needs to be dealt with swiftly and on an ongoing basi

You don't have to read 100 manuals and tutorials on how to do that; you don't have to spend countless hours checking reports and doing simulations. You need to find an IT partner to give you time to focus on growing the business and trust them to manage and improve your platform.

Look no further; we are here for you. Let's dive in!









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What do I have to do?

—   How can I navigate this sea of small but important improvements?

Once you've recognized your website could and should perform better, it's time to choose your partner to develop it further and optimize it, from a better look & feel for the end-users to a better back-end structure and code optimization

Start with an audit to see where you are and what the things to be concerned about are, and get advice on what needs to be corrected first. Make a plan, stick to it, and let your partners guide you in turning your website into an even better selling tool than it is today.

Make sure the plan is followed closely month by month by requesting and receiving progress reports, optimization advice, and best practices action items from your development partner. Keep a progress report for the most important KPIs you address.

Some items to address, where we can help you directly

Is my webserver correctly configured and are the caching mechanisms good enough?
Ensure your hosting solution is well adapted to your website load (front-end, back-end, database). Have a look at your server-side caching mechanisms and static content caching in order to get the best out of your current configuration, based on both Adobe recommendations and our previous experience
Is my website fast enough? Optimized for mobile?
Countless studies have emphasized the importance of speed optimization and lower loading time in conversion rates for e-commerce stores. Optimization for mobile platforms is also a big issue these days since many potential clients browse stores directly from their phones. So, pay close attention to front-end optimization and media compression, page size and network payload, and other tech things that we can help you with...
Does my site respect Magento's best practices recommendations?
Well, it can always be better. The truth is that the perfect website does not exist, but there are tools to check the website's structure and source code against some of the industry's recommendations and best practices. We can help check that with you and also have our senior developers take a look at potential issues and recommend improvements.
How do I measure against a UX/UI audit?
Besides having attractive products at good prices, optimized code, hosting, and appropriate commercial policies, a good webshop converts a visitor into a client using a set of techniques that generate trust and shorten the road from first click to checkout and order fulfillment. We have compiled a comprehensive list of things a good eCommerce website should achieve to get good conversion rates. We will check these KPIs together

The already work with us for better conversion rates....

...and this is what they think of us

Daniel Sliwin

Athleticknit Canada

The team has the ability to do what the customer imagines at a reasonable cost. Pushed us to go live sooner on certain tasks vs trying to get to the final product, but this is more my fault. The other one is the same for customers/ systems we have worked with, but make sure to set the same priorities constantly as we get too excited about new projects as a project management team (read full review)

Nubis Limited


FYB Romania is one of the very few we are still working with because we are happy with them FYB is our long term partner for offshore software development. They always provide help in all kinds of projects, such as ecommerce website development and support and also in creating new kinds of community portals, complex server setup and support. No project seems to be too big for them. (read full review)

Dan Coanda

Bro Rom

They are very accurate, reliable, and helpful in sorting out and finding great solutions. We had various platforms for our webshops, first we migrate one of them on Magento 1 and then we agreed to migrate all of them on Magento multistore. a lot of work &meetings but all went well, we had to learn a lot also :) (read full review)

Do I really need this? Can I do it myself?

—   Is it expensive?

You might say, "Why would I do this? My business is just fine!" and you might even be right for now.

Yet again, imagine how your website would look if it were 25% faster or if your conversion rate would increase by 3% because users find your products faster or more efficiently on mobile.

Or, in the worst-case scenario, imagine what would happen if you lost your uptime for some hours because of a bug or a brute force attack on your platform just because it was not updated in time. Yes, that would be expensive for your business.

Why not get to know us and let us tell you how we might help? In the best case scenario, you take the fast lane to better tech optimization of your store and less stress in your life. Worst case, you get an audit for your website and save our contacts for when you will need them, and we can stay in touch in the meantime.

Who you'll be talking to?

Mircea Scarlatescu

Manager, FYB Romania

Looking forward to get to know you and see how we can help you grow

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