New beginnings into a new house @FYBRomania

Mircea Scarlatescu blog

Since we started in 2003, we have only changed address two times. From 2006 our house was the Electromagnetica Business Park. With highs and lows, we’ve been a proud member of the community over there till these days. We’ve gone through world crises and economic improvements, trough exclusive in-office teams to mostly-remote work. We thank the team there for their effort to make us feel at home for more than 13 years.

But 2020 came out strong with the new realities around us, we found we needed a more adapted location to the remote working environment, a location to better protect ourselves and the ones around us, where we can easier respect the social distancing and also provide better access to the areas of interest to us.

Months of searching… here we are! Starting September, we welcome you to our new home, on 38th Orzari Street in Bucharest. Cozy little business attic that will be the main command post for new projects we are developing 🙂

Pics and vids… on display near you soon! 🙂

#StaySafe everybody!