Who we are

FYB Romania’s goal is to add value to our customers’ businesses using quality and cost effective web-based solutions and services. We understand their business needs and how technology can be used to raise profits.
We can provide the correct web-based solutions, from eCommerce development services to complex back-end web integrations or front-end web apps, in order to get the most efficient results in terms of development costs, usability and scalability for your business model. We go above the hype of technology and provide the right solution addressing your needs not just the trendy implementations…
In business since
+17 years experience
Reliability & Quality

Time zone: GMT +
Bucharest, Romania
time-zone advantage
Europe: same timezone
US: overnight turnaround
Located in Bucharest, Romania FYB Romania is a great solution as a remote development team. With a maximum 10 hours difference between San Francisco and Bucharest for example, you can always be in contact with your remote team for at least 4 hours each working day. London is just 2 hours away while Rome just one…
Since most of our clients are from US and Canada, you can always count on us to be a reliable solution as a remote software development team.
Using online project management tools and VoIP conferencing tools we are always in contact with our clients over-seas.

Proficient in web-based services, FYB’s team uses a modern development center near Bucharest’s city center. The office has all the facilities needed to provide high quality software development services: a reliable and fast Internet connection (with redundant back-up solution), telecom facilities, secured network and modern workstations. We focus equally on facilitating quick communication with our clients, ensuring the required support for our software development activities and keeping safe our customer’s data. We believe frequent and constant communication and weekly project status updates and reports is the key to success for every project.
Our company values client’s security concerns and ensures safety of source code and confidential information on each stage of the project development process. We support the strict security policy and standards. Many clients choose to keep secret the project information and the fact that they have hired our team to assist them. We respect client’s need for privacy. Thus, we do not disclose any client’s personal or business information, unless the client grants us his written permission to do so. Most of projects we do are protected by Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA).

Team experience? See below what our team knows to do:

PHP - Object Orientated Programming Experience
Symfony PHP Framework experience
Front-end: HTML 5, CSS 3, AngularJS, ReactJS experience
Magento eCommerce development experience
Vectorial Design
Project management

Project managers
English fluent

Team members
English fluent
No language barrier

Existing works? Sure!

Words are nice but existing portfolio is better
Let's go through some of our work, the part not protected by NDAs.....