CusutSiBrodat - GPEC 2021 winner

Winning @ GPEC 2021

Mircea Scarlatescu blog

In the beginning it was only the idea from our client, 3 years ago, to simply get a feel about where we are with the technical side of things, what we might do better and how we might get there.

It wasn’t the first time for us since we’ve already won the competition a loo(ooooo)ng time ago, back in 2009 with another eCommerce solution that time on the entrepreneurial side of things also; this time however there was also the client involved driving things and moving us forward. A different experience with different variables involved.

But getting back to recent days, more than two years ago we started getting valuable expertise and advice from the GPEC jury and transforming the way the website was being run, developed and maintained as well as on the operators’ side the way the order process was beginning to be handled, the shipment process was being planned and implemented.

Yes it took 2 years in the end, some might say too long but changing an ever-moving business and with the pandemics on the site is no picnic; but getting to today, the amount of change that has evolved from those initial advice from the jury has been quite impressive. Manual processes from 2 years ago are now at a click’s availability, the amount of various SaaS integrations surrounding the Magento deployment has more than tripled and the overall look & feel of the eCommerce solution has changed from top to bottom.

All because of an idea and a good jury analysis two years ago. So thanks GPEC, thanks to all the girls and guys there for making us and the the CSB team better. We’ll be back, for sure 🙂